Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yes, I am insane

I know this costume is time consuming, but it is so dang cute! I thought I would share where I got the patterns.
The body suit (I obviously did this in one color and I also did buttons instead of snap tape. The pattern has a few flaws in it, so be sure you read the whole thing first and look at the diagrams)
Hat (I added different colors to the top, cream and red, and added a pom, pom on top.)
Booties (I don't think I actually had a pattern, but you can google crochet baby bootie patterns or go to RAVELRY to find tons of patterns)
Ears- I made 4 ears, 2 tan and 2 cream. Then I put a tan and a cream together and sc around the outside of the ear. I left a long tail at the end and stitched it to the side of the hat.)
sock monkey doll (How cute is this little guy? I added a bell to the inside to make him more interesting. I also crochet eyes on him for safety reasons.)

It really wasn't that bad. The crochet went quickly, but the assembly was slow. On a side note, if you are interested in knit or crochet you should check out RAVELRY. It is a fantastic place to find patterns and to see other peoples' creations.