Tuesday, June 22, 2010

K's new "In the Garden" dress

I came across this blog (From and Igloo) the other day, and I knew I had to make that dress for K. Luckily I had also found some fabric that I loved. Here is my end result.

Here is a picture of the back. You can see that the dress ties through a button hole in the back of the dress, so easy and so cute. The back is also made using a technique called shirring. There are lots of tutorials on shirring but this one is the one I initially used. It is just basically using elastic thread in the bobbin of your machine and sewing. It is sooo cool. The fabric just gathers as you sew. (As a side note check out this blog if you have a Brother machine and have struggled shirring, this saved me from throwing my machine out the window.)
Here is the front of the dress. Christine at From and Igloo did a great job with the instructions, it is basically a formula you plug your own measurements into. K is insanely skinny, and tall, so I could make this dress long and slender just for her. The straps are also adjustable in length so she should be able to wear it for awhile. (It would have been better to have my little model wear the dress, but you get what you can get)
The dress was really easy to make, I did it all in one evening. You do need some basic sewing skills, but her instructions are pretty good. My only change is I used a serger for the inside hems, but that is it.

Have fun!


Terésa said...

Very cute! Now, I'm just wondering if I have 'basic sewing skill'. I don't think so. ;)

Mariam said...

I bet you could do it. It is strait lines (or kinda strait lines), and a basic gather (she does a great job of showing hot to do that too).

Terésa said...

K. So if I get that machine we talked about, and then the new bobbin thing (now that is technical, right?) does it make it easy enough to do the elastic in the bobbin?

Mariam said...

As soon as I tightened the tension screw on the bobbin case I was able to sew the elastic in correctly. (You need a second bobbin case that is properly set for regular sewing that you don't mess with, about $29). However, changing the bobbin cases is a pain (not difficult, but a pain. You have to remove the plate and what not). I would just say you should consider that when weighing the pros and cons of different machines.

Micki said...

That's adorable! I may have to make some new dresses for my girls now.