Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Going, Going, Gone!

We had a service auction for a Relief Society party tonight. Everyone was supposed to bring a service or item to be auctioned off (purchases made with points awarded for random stuff). I couldn't decide what to make/take/do. At first I made these scripture covers. I thought they were pretty good, but when I showed them to my hubby he asked where the pen holder was (he didn't mean to sound critical, but....). So, I did take one to the auction, but I will save the post on that until I have it all figured out (pen holder and all), plus I forgot to take a picture.

So, today during nap time I thought I'd give this apron a try. It was a pretty easy apron to make. I decided to use a rolled hem on my serger to speed things up, but it is a totally doable project with out one. It took about 1 1/2-2 hrs. to make, and I got to use up some of my scraps.
Now, about those scraps, I am trying really hard to put things together that don't "match" but still "go". What do you think? Does it work? I noticed while digging in my stash that I seem to like the muted, earth tones more than bright, vibrant ones. Maybe I'll have to work on that.

When I got home tonight, Kent asked what I had got at the auction. Well, I didn't actually bring anything home. I am in the Presidency and was busy with other stuff. (No, don't be sad) I actually got the best prize of all, my apron went for the top sell. (Not that it was a contest) Sometimes it's nice to know that other people like your stuff... even if there aren't any pen holders on it :)
Happy Crafting

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Orange said...

ha! love it (the pen holder joke and the apron both) And maybe our scrap stashes should get together. Mine is too bright, yours is too muted. Maybe the baby scraps would be balanced!

Also, everybody knows that you don't need a pen anymore now that scriptures are on our phones- tell that to mr. smartypants.