Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Duds

I found this pretty fabric on the clearance rack, and I was so excited to turn it into sweet Easter clothing for my little ones.

I made K this sweet little dress using this pattern.  It looks overwhelming, but it is actually a pretty easy pattern.  I had to read through it a few times, and even had to have a friend read through it with me.  The shoulder seam was confusing to me, but I decided to just try it.  It was MUCH easier than I had made it.   My only objection was there were no sleeves in the pattern, and we like K to have sleeves in her dresses.  

My solution was to put the sleeves from this pattern into the arm hole BEFORE, I stitched up the seams (after I sewed up the shoulder seams).  These little sleeves are a cinch to make, and will come in really handy to add sleeves to other projects.  

I also made her a little bolero jacket using this pattern.  I made the pattern larger by measuring the difference between the pattern and one of K's slimmer cut t-shirts (since she is super skinny).   I then added that difference to the pattern.  I also added the ruffle all the way around the jacket.  I think it looks better that way, plus it was easier.  I also lined the entire jacket to hide the seams.  To do that I just cut out double of all the pieces (except the ruffle).  I made 2 copies of the jacket (minus the sleeves), and then sewed the ruffle to one of the jackets.  I then sandwiched the ruffle between BOTH of the jackets right sides together (the top of the ruffle points to the center of the jacket).  I sewed around leaving a few inches to flip the jacket right side out.  I ironed it well and then added the sleeved into the arm holes.  I ironed it again, and then top stitched around the entire jacket (making sure to seal the opening left to turn the jacket right-side out).

 There it is....It seems harder than it actually is, and I think she really loved it.

 D thought a bow tie would look pretty awesome and I was happy to oblige.  I used the instructions from this pattern.  I also used this pattern by Martha Stewart.  She gives you a tie-shaped pattern to use as a template.  It took me a few tries to get the size right for D.  He has a pretty big head, and he needed the adult sized pattern.  I LOVE the look of actually tied bow-ties, but they are a pain to get off and on.  I put a swimsuit hook on the back and attached a pice of elastic to the other end (for a loop so the hook could slip into it).  It made the bow tie easy to get on and comfortable to wear.

And there you have it.  Happy Easter from our family to yours.

Happy crafting everyone.

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