Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shirts Galore

I've been having more fun with my Silhouette machine, but this time I was not alone. My amazingly talented friend Kinsey, joined me in a shirt party. Sadly we spent so much time taking care of crying babies and getting the machine regulated she didn't have time to paint hers (she said she can do it at home easy, but I still feel like a schmuck). I cut out the designs on freezer paper, we ironed them on the shirts and then we used Kinsey's fun fabric paints. The process was pretty quick and super fun.

Here are the super fun shirts I made. I am planning on giving them to the kids for Valentine's Day (you'll see more on Kent's shirt), and I think they will like them.

This little one is my FAVORITE. How cute is the little Yoda? (And, that is the correct quote, Kent watched the movie just to get it correct).
This is such a sweet little shirt for my little K. I got the template from (LOVE her art by the way) She calls it "Love Lasso", and I think it is adorable. It is perfect for Valentine's day, but is cute for all the time too.

This adventurous little guy reminds me of my nephew, so this will be his for his upcoming birthday. The origin design is from the site above, but he didn't have a cowboy hat. I thought if my little nephew was ridding a dinosaur, he would definitely wear a cowboy hat, so I added one.
This is for Kent. I was so proud of myself for the good idea. We kept it a secret the whole night (not easy to do), then he got on the computer. He said, "I really like the design with the Nintendo controller, can you make me one?" I had intended to give the shirt as a Valentine's Day present, instead I threw it at him (jokingly of course) and said something questioning his intelligence (or something like that).
Here is D's Green Lantern shirt. My funny little guy wanted Green Lantern underwear for Christmas when he was 3 or so (Ya, they don't make those. Thanks to good friends who made us some). Now, I think of him whenever I see the Green Lantern.
Oh, here is the link to the artwork

Happy Crafting All.


Micki said...

I seriously need to make some cute shirts like these too. Thanks for the link to the templates! There's a lot of great stuff out there!

The Harrison Family said...

Lance's shirt rocks!!!