Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For my 3 Super Heroes

I decided my 3 guys needed Captain America shirts for the upcoming 4th of July.  I used freezer paper as a stencil.  There are lots of great tutorials out there on using freezer paper as a stencil, but here is one I like from I am Momma-Hear me roar.  

Simple concept.  You cut out the design you want.  You pull-out the part of the image you want painted (usually the positive of the image, leaving the negative).  You then iron the freezer paper on your shirt shinny side down (again using the negative part of the stencil).  The little bit of wax on the freezer paper seals the stencil to the shirt and prevents the paint from leaking through (usually) keeping your lines nice and clean.  

It is really pretty fun to do.  I use my Silhouette Machine to cut my freezer paper out (so I can get a very detailed stencil) but you can also use any image and an exacto knife.  It is a really fun way to personalize clothing.  

After the stencil is ironed on securely, you just paint (inside the stencil) with fabric paint until your image looks good.  Because this shirt was a darker color, it took 3 coats of red paint to get mine looking right.

I think my little heroes (and my big hero) will look extra festive this 4th.  

And just incase you were wondering, I will not be matching K for Independence Day.  I don't think I could rock the Betsy Ross Skirt like she can.

Happy Crafting!

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Orange said...

Those look great! Mine turned out nice too, I used white on Blue, so there is no red to it but it looks really nice and clean. Thanks!