Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Simple skirts

I taught a small class tonight on simple skirts.  These little cuties are quick, easy and very satisfying to make.

The first one I showed was a simple tiered skirt.
 I found the pattern at http://www.chicaandjo.com/2009/05/28/sew-a-tiered-ruffled-skirt/.  On their tutorial they have a handy little skirt measurement calculation tool.  You type in your waist measurement, length and how many tiers you want and presto, you have all the measurements you need for this cute little skirt.

She does fantastic job with the rest of the tutorial, so I would just follow her.  However, there is another easy way to make this skirt, especially if you want more fullness.

Take your waist measurement (for K that was 20") and multiply it by 1.5 (that = 30).  You then multiply each consecutive tier by 1.5.  ( So, tier 2= 45; tier 3=67.5...etc)  That is how you determine the width of each tier.  For the length you take your length (for K 18") and divide that by the Number of tiers (3 here).  So, each tier would be 6" wide.  Now add an extra 1.5-2" to the top tier to allow for the elastic casing.  Sew it all up like they did in the tutorial above.

Now for K's Betsy Ross skirt.  It was found at:  http://www.rileyblakedesigns.com/cutting-corners/2011/06/28/its-cinch-skirt/.  This little skirt is VERY easy and quick (like 30 min or so to make, no gathering!). I just followed her instructions; however at our class tonight someone had an excellent insight.  Instead of making vertical casing for the gather you could hem the skirt BEFORE you sew it into a tube, then finish off the two sides (serge or zigzag).  You would then make the tube for the skirt, but make an extra large seam (a little wider than your ribbon).  Next press the seam open and stitch down each side of the seam flap.  Thread the ribbon through the holes and finish as usual.  (Hope that makes sense)

 K is pretty excited to wear this little baby for the 4th of July.

Happy Crafting all!

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