Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More little dresses

Do you remember this easy little dress? Well, I finally made some cute little under clothes to put underneath. I just used my favorite pattern (Simplicity 5695) to make the little shirt. For the pants, I traces a pair of pj's on freezer paper and added 1/2" for seam allowance and 1 1/2" or so on the top for the waist band. They actually came together really easily. After they were sew, I added three layers of ruffles to the bottom. (I think they were 3" long and double the width of the pants. I serged the raw edges and then gathered and stitched them on the pants.)

I also made her a little simple dress using the Simplicity pattern. I made a sheath type dress (just a long front and back, no attached skirt) and just added ruffles to the bottom (same as the pants). One note on my fabric choice. Can you guess what it is.....that's right a sheet. I needed something with a little polyester in it so it wouldn't wrinkly like crazy and (like 100% cotton would). I bought one twin flat sheet for $3 and it made the pants, shirt and under skirt. I have washed it, and it washed up fantastic and it is still soft.

I have a white sheet too and I think it will be fantastic too. I plan on making more little dresses (in Fall and Christmas patterns, so excited) K also wants a blue Belle dress (the peasant dress Belle wears on Beauty the the Beast), and I think this patter will work wonderfully.
Here is my little princesses Halloween costume. Can you guess which pattern I used? Simplicity 5695. Now when I say that is the pattern I used, keep in mind that I lengthened the bodice, skirt and sleeves, added the ruffle to the bottom of the sleeve and used shirring around the neck, sleeves and in the back. Here is the link for the flower. It was really easy, and fast (my new favorite). I tried to make a bigger flower by making cutting it wider and longer, it was too much.
A few of you have noticed that the pattern does not go past a 3T (I think?). I have been modifying my pattern so much, I didn't notice :) But here are the bigger girl patterns that are the same concept. Simplicity 2377, McCalls M6062, and I fond this one at a thrift store Simplicity 5222 (not sure if it is out of print). So, keep your eyes out for pattern sales. Good luck.

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Micki said...

They all look so great! And that flower is beautiful! I've tried a few other methods for flowers and I'm just not that good at them,but this one I think will work for me. Thanks!